Abbreviations Guide

In order to make the Item Name as complete as possible in the store listings we have used a number of abbreviations. These may also appear in elsewhere in the listing and at other locations on the site. The following is a guide to those that may require an explanation:

# number
# brd number board
ACR Algoma Central Railway
adv advanced
alumím aluminium
auto automobile
BAR Bangor & Aroostook Railway
b/c boxcar
BCR British Columbia Railway
blk black
blu blue
BN Burlington Northern
brg bearing
brn brown
C&O Chesapeake & Ohio
CC&F Canadian Car & Foundry
circ circular
CLC Canadian Locomotive Company
CN Canadian National
comb combination
covíd covered
CP Canadian Pacific
cu. ft. cubic foot
CV Central Vermont
cylíl cylindrical
dbl double
dia diameter
dk dark
DL&W Delaware, Lackawanna & Western
dr door
D&TS Detroit & Toledo Shortline
DT&I Detroit, Toledo & Ironton
DW&P Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific
eng engine
equip. equipped
func function
gen generation
gld gold
Govít Government
gr gram
grn green
gry grey
GT Grand Trunk
GTW Grand Trunk Railway
her herald
ht height
inc including
letíg lettering
lt light
loco locomotive
maint maintenance
MILW Milwaukee Road
MLW Montreal Locomotive Works
MPI Motive Power Industries
mrn maroon
mtl metal
NAR Northern Alberta Railway
NSC National Steel Company
ONR Ontario Northland Railway
org orange
pass passenger
PGE Pacific Great Eastern
refrigír refrigerator
RPO Railway Post Office
Sask Saskatchewan
ser series
soc socket
std standard
stl steel
svr silver
TH&B Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo
unletíd unlettered
vol volume
WC Wisconsin Central
WP&Y White Pass & Yukon
w/ with
w/o without
wte white
yel yellow
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