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This US manufacturer produces a wide variety of train sets, locomotives and rolling stock, along with a large selection of structures and accessories. Although we can supply the whole product line our Store lists their premium "Spectrum" line of steam locomotives and streetcars, plus regular locomotives in Canadian colours.

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Canadian Express Line Prices

As a rule our prices are discounted between 20 and 25% from the MSRP.
(We review the CAN/USD exchange rate on a weekly basis and update Store prices as appropriate).

Delivery Information

Most of the new release and re-run  locomotives sell out fast. We would advise pre-ordering these items. Other items are available on a continual basis. We suggest using Walthers online store for a guide to availability, as it's not always clear on Bachmann's site. In fact we use this information to update our Store listings on a regular basis.
Backordered items normally take 2-3 weeks to obtain.



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