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1 LPD-11 LPD Publishing Those Beautiful "C" Liners

Those Beautiful "C" Liners

Softcover book. Subtitled: "A Photo Album of "C" Liners in British Columbia" A photo album of the Fairbanks Morse 'C' Liners...
$8.75  $3.95
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2 NIC-2 Nickel Belt Rails

A National Passenger Chronicle - Series Premiere: A History of Canadian National Railways & Pred

Softcover book. Subtitled: "A History of Canadian National Railways & Predecessor Passenger Services" Sections: Predecessor Railways...
$8.75  $7.88
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1 MIS-20 Miscellaneous Book "Timber Down The Capilano"

Book "Timber Down The Capilano"

Softcover book. Published by the British Columbia Railway Historical Association. Subtitled: "A History of The Capilano Timber Company and...
$12.95  $7.95
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2 MIS-22 Miscellaneous

Brighton - 100 Years of Railroad History

Softcover book. Published by Bonnie Browne. Sections: History of Brighton's Grand Trunk Station Early StoriesTrainsThe...


0 LPD-8 LPD Publishing Rail Canada - mini 2.1

Rail Canada - mini 2.1

Softcover book. Subtitled: "PGE/BC Rail Diesels 1948 to 1981" Forty-two computer generated paint diagrams detail the the various colour...


3 045-66 B.R.M.N.A.

The Railways of Edmonton

Softcover book. Sections: Before the RailwaysRailway Construction Early in the Twentieth CenturyThe Canadian Pacific Railway System in the Edmonton...
$14.95  $9.95
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0 BYT-4 Bytown Railway Society The Ottawa Car Company; 1892 - 1948

The Ottawa Car Company; 1892 - 1948

Softcover book. The story of one of Canada's leading streetcar builders, The Ottawa Car Company, in words and pictures featuring large photographs...


3 LED-1 Michael Leduc Point St. Charles Shops

Point St. Charles Shops

Softcover book. The history of Point St. Charles Shops in Montreal begins with the Grand Trunk Railway in 1857 and continued into the Canadian...


5 BYT-5 Bytown Railway Society Montreal Streetcars - Volume 2: People and Places

Montreal Streetcars - Volume 2: People and Places

Softcover book. This award-winning book is Tom Grumley's second on Montreal Streetcars in the Society's Traction Heritage Series. Thoroughly...


1 400-1064 Kalmbach Publishing Co.

The Compendium of American Railroad Radio Frequencies

Softcover book. Data in this book comes from license and allocation information of the AAR and the FCC, railroad industry communication...
$18.02  $12.50
Save: 31% off


2 LED-4 Michael Leduc Angus Shops

Angus Shops

Softcover book. Canadian Pacific opened its famed Angus Shops in Montreal in 1904. There, CP built and maintained steam locomotives of various types....


4 LED-3 Michael Leduc Montreal Railway Terminals

Montreal Railway Terminals

Softcover book. A number of railways operated in Montreal since 1847 and through mergers and acquisitions they became either Canadian National or...


3 LED-5 Michael Leduc Montreal's First Railway

Montreal's First Railway

Softcover book. The first railway in Montreal was the Montreal and Lachine Railroad that began operations in 1847. Also, this was Canada’s third...


4 LED-2 Michael Leduc The Glen

The Glen

Softcover book. Canadian Pacific opened its Windsor Station in Montreal in 1889. Within a few years its passenger services expanded beyond its...


5 MIS-2 Miscellaneous

Illustrated Treasury of MLW-ALCO to Bombardier Locomotives

Published by James W. Kerr, DPA-LTA Enterprises, Inc., 1983. Softcover book. The Montreal Locomotive Works built over 4,000 steam locomotives between...
$29.95  $12.95
Save: 57% off


0 MIS-6 Miscellaneous

Trackside with VIA: Cross-Canada Compendium Consist Companion

Softcover book. Published by Eric Gagnon. This book is filled with consists of interest to prototype modellers and anyone who is eager to learn more...


1 045-70 B.R.M.N.A.

The Sydney and Louisburg Railway

Softcover book. Subtitles: "Carrying Coals to Tidewater" Author: Ian Donaldson Size: 8 1/2 x 11 Pages: 32 Black & white photos: 29...


1 045-99 B.R.M.N.A.

Calgary Transit Then & Now

Softcover book. Sections: The Streetcar EraThe Trolley Coach YearsThe Motor BusThe C-TrainStreetcar MiscellanyBus Miscellany Author: Donald M. Bain...


0 LPD-7 LPD Publishing Rail America - Volume 1

Rail America - Volume 1

Hardcover book. Subtitled: "Diesel Paint Schemes, Photos & Rosters for CN North America" A photo and graphic illustration book on CN...


3 RAI-417 Railfare DC Books The Mount Royal Tunnel: Canada's First Subway

The Mount Royal Tunnel: Canada's First Subway

Softcover book. Subtitled: "An Illustrated Story of the Construction and Operation of CN's Railway Tunnel under Montreal's Mount Royal"...
$24.95  $14.95
Save: 40% off


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