HO Signals/Detection


Qty. Model Manufacturer Product Image Item Name+ Price
2 OSB-1009 Osborn Model Kits Sign, railway crossing, transition era (x5)

Sign, railway crossing, transition era (x5)

Used from the first part of the 1960ís this cross buck would be at an angle of 60 degrees to the post. This started to change by the first part of...


1 293-8182 Tichy Train Group Sign, whistle post, early diamond (x36)

Sign, whistle post, early diamond (x36)

Plastic parts. If not shown in stock, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Note that the price may change due to exchange rate fluctuations.


0 245-SH2AB Digitrax, Inc. Signaling kit, mainline

Signaling kit, mainline

† HO scale mainline signaling kit including: 2 Single Head A Signals, 2 Single Head B Signals, 4 SMP1s, 8 spacers, 8 screws.Makes all of your signals...


0 245-SHABC Digitrax, Inc. Signaling kit, turnout

Signaling kit, turnout

† HO scale turnout signaling kit including: 1 Dual Head A Signal, 1 Single Head B Signal, 1 Single Head C Signal, 3 SMP1s, 6 spacers, 6 screws.Makes...


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