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Qty.- Model Manufacturer Product Image Item Name Price
8 472-3013B Midwest Products Roadbed, cork, 3' length (x25)

Roadbed, cork, 3' length (x25)

Box of 25 pieces of 3' length. These lightweight pieces of cork roadbed are easy to use by any modeler: materials can be easily shaped and cut....


7 472-3022 Midwest Products Roadbed, cork, turnout, right (x2)

Roadbed, cork, turnout, right (x2)

Cork. Fits most #4 & #6 turnouts. If not shown in stock, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Note that for backorders or preorders the price may...


3 472-3023 Midwest Products Roadbed, cork, turnout, left (x2)

Roadbed, cork, turnout, left (x2)

Cork. Fits most #4 & #6 turnouts. Only the quantity shown in stock is currently available.


2 472-3014 Midwest Products Roadbed, cork, sheet, 3'

Roadbed, cork, sheet, 3'

Cork. Sheet stock can be use on switches, sidings, yards and loading areas. Each sheet is 5mm x 5" x 36". See the "Manufacturer"...


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