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6 CBM-11 Canadian Branchline Miniatures King's Highways & Steam Trains, Volume 1

King's Highways & Steam Trains, Volume 1

Softcover book. Subtitled: " A Ford Mainline to the Branchlines of Ontario in July 1957" In this brand-new series both Angus Wolfe and...


6 CBM-13 Canadian Branchline Miniatures Speed Graphics and Steam 1957!

Speed Graphics and Steam 1957!

Hardcover book. Subtitled: "Rehor, Wood & Harwood photograph the branchlines of Ontario" This book will be the definitive chronicle of...


6 CBM-10 Canadian Branchline Miniatures Steam at Washago

Steam at Washago

Softcover book. Subtitled: " Action at a CNR junction north of Toronto in 1952" The latest addition to the series is this mini-book, which...


6 CBM-12 Canadian Branchline Miniatures Steam Scenes of Stratford

Steam Scenes of Stratford

Softcover book. Subtitled: "Revisiting a CNR dividion point and motive power shop" This is a 48-page softbound title exclusively devoted to...


2 CBM-7 Canadian Branchline Miniatures Steam At Allandale

Steam At Allandale

Hardcover book. Subtitled: "The story of a CNR division point in the 1950s" Turn the clock back more than forty years to the last decade of...


2 CBM-8 Canadian Branchline Miniatures Steam Echoes Of Hamilton

Steam Echoes Of Hamilton

Hardcover book. Subtitled: "CNR operations from the Steel City southward in the 1950s" Until someone invents a time machine, the best way...


2 CBM-9 Canadian Branchline Miniatures Steam Memories Of Lindsay

Steam Memories Of Lindsay

Hardcover book. Subtitled: "A CNR branchline division point in the 1950s" Step back to 1954, before the St. Lawrence Seaway and diesel...


2 CBM-6 Canadian Branchline Miniatures Steam Scenes Of Allandale

Steam Scenes Of Allandale

Hardcover book. Subtitled: "Revisiting a Northern Ontario District branchline network" Along with Steam at Allandale, this book completes...


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