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Jan 5, 2011

N Scale

Most N Scale Products Removed
Category: General

Over the last year I have slowly been adding N scale products to the Online Store. I have also been continuing to distribute N scale newsletters and news items. I recently considered becoming an authorised dealer for Micro Trains Line and asked for expressions of interest from subscribers. During this time the response has been pretty consistent - both in the Store and by email. There is close to zero interest in N scale.

Maintaining an up-to-date online store and putting together newsletters etc takes time and I have finally made the decision to concentrate on HO scale until business improves or interest in N scale picks up. In the store I have disabled all exclusively N scale products, with the exception of  the "DCC/Sound" category, due to there being much overlap between scales. In addition I will not be putting out N scale news items or newsletters on a regular basis.

Don't panic! This does not mean that will not be able to supply your N scale needs any more. Nothing's changed in that regard. I will continue to supply the same lines, with the same discounts. If your orders improve sufficiently over the coming year I will, no doubt, reconsider the above decision.

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