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Feb 10, 2010


Pre-ordering future products from the store
Category: General

Many items listed in the store are not yet available. They are future production items that are listed so that you can place your pre-order and guarantee delivery. In these cases the product description will include a due delivery date. Please take note that it is not our intention to take payment up front for these items.

We do require, however, that new clients put down a deposit on these items, with the balance to be paid at the time of delivery. This deposit will be 15% of the final price, before shipping and taxes. If you are paying by credit card we will make such a charge when the order is processed. Note that if you are paying by PayPal the full amount will be charged. This is not our intent, but that is how things are set up at the moment. Bottom line - for now please use credit card only for pre-orders.

Previous "pre-store" clients of ours will not normally be required to make a deposit on pre-orders. You will not be charged until delivery, even if you elect to process the order by credit card. But, again, do not chose PayPal. You may also chose cheque or email for payment, as usual, thus being eligible for Incentive Discount.

We're new at this so please bear with us while we learn the new systems and mould them to suit our client's best needs. If any of the above is still unclear, or if something has been missed, please let us know.




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