Jan 19, 2012

Gatineau Show & Free Shipping

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As noted under "Upcoming Shows" there is a show in Gatineau this coming week-end. I recently decided not to attend this year, considering that the amount of sales in previous years did not merit the expense in time, money and effort.

If  you have never made this show in previous years I would encourage you to give it a try. If you are one of my many Ottawa area clients its only just over the bridge and minutes away from the city. For Montrealers its only a couple of hours upriver.

Many of you are regulars at these model railway shows and make a point of stopping by my booth and picking up  supplies. Well, I won't be there this week-end, but you can still get the supplies. I have a  good supply of Digitrax throttles, decoders, sound decoders and  accessories; SoundTraxx sound decoders and speakers; Atlas cars and  track; Kadee couplers; Athearn and Kato locomotives; Model Power vehicles and figures; Peco track; Rapido cars; Sylvan vehicles;  TrueLine cars and paints; Proto 2000 wheel sets;  Intermountain cars; many, many books etc. There's also 90 items on sale, including Athearn and Atlas cars at just over dealer cost. I'll pick up the tab  for the shipping cost. Low prices, free shipping and the goodies will be in your hands by late next week. Is that a  good deal or what?

Now the fine print, so to speak:-

If  you can't come up with more than $75.00 for yourself, how about getting  together to place a bulk order for your club. If you'd rather not order online you  can email or call with your order, but be sure to include the item  numbers.

I know you'd really like to see me in the flesh, but, failing that, this is a pretty good alternative, right?