Aug 4, 2013

Quick Update

Athearn/Kanamodel/MRT/Nickel Belt Rails/Rapido/Sylvan/TrueLine - Plus Digitrax/Soundtraxx On Sale
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Posted by: Dave Cool

Hi Kids,

The Athearn 50' flatcar w/2 x 25' trailers in CN colours were popular this time around. They turned up last week and I have a few left in the Store. With them were the CP 34' offset-side 2-bay hopper car 6-packs - I have a couple of them still available. Just listed are this month's new announcements, which include the EMD Model 40 "Critter", 60' bulkhead flatcars, a 250-ton crane and tender (in CP Rail) and more 53' Jindo containers.

Note that the deadline for ordering the Atlas July announcements is a few days away - including the CP 40' postwar 6' door boxcar.

I have the new Digitrax PR3 Xtra in stock. In fact, I have a good stock of most of their more popular products and am running out of shelf space. That - and it being August - compel me to put Digitrax on sale for a while. For the rest of this month I'm knock 10% off your orders for in-stock items.

I've just had a Kanamodel shipment, which includes the new CP commercial coal shed.

I am becoming a dealer for Model Rail Technologies, the maker of the "Accutrack" speedometer. I have placed an initial order and hope to have them in a few weeks. It's listed in the Store.

Dale Wilson's new book, "More Black Bear Tracks", is now in stock, along with more of his previous titles (Nickel Belt Rails).

It looks like the second batch of Rapido's FP9A in CN 1961 colours is almost here. All sold, of course, except that I do have a couple of the earlier no-sound units still in stock. Note that GMD-1 powered chassis are now available for pre-order in the Store, in 4- and 6-axle variants, plus with- and without sound. I have also added Rapido's available N scale cars to the Store for a while. Let's see if there is any interest - little , yet.

As per Digitrax, I'm putting Soundtraxx on sale - 10% off for the rest of this month.

I'm accumulating too many Sylvan vehicle kits (40+) so for any order from stock I'll knock the price down by another 10% (make it three and the discount will be 15%). This applies for the month of August.

I have just placed another order for the TrueLine 40' "Minibox" boxcars. The deadline is passed, but the company still has a few spare, due to a distributor closing up. I have the CP singles still listed until early next week as I may be able to get a few more.

That's it for now,

Have a great week,




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