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      Date: Jun 12, 2015
     Title: Train Control Systems
15% Price Increase

Price Increase


"With the cost of everything on the rise it has come time for us to raise our prices and end the introductory WOWSound sale. This price increase will go into effect July 1st, 2015 and will be approximately 15% across the entire product line. A few products have slightly different price variations, but as a general rule the increase is 15% and rounded up to the nearest $0.95. The WOWSound introductory sale prices will also be coming to an end. The 1516 and 1530 will be at US$109.95 MSRP and the Keep-Aliveā„¢ equipped version (1517 and 1533) retailing for US$129.95."

This is an excellent time to stock up for your upcoming projects. Send in your orders in the next couple of weeks. I will be placing a pre-increase order near the end of June. My online listing covers 157 products, but for those not listed my price will be the regular list -17.5%. Shipping will be about $2.50 for most items. Here is their site.

In case you are not familiar with the line, TCS decoders are likely the best around for reliability, despite being a little pricier than some. Their warranty is excellent.

NOTE 1: Due to missing the last four shows I have way too many 2015 Trackside Guides. For a while I have dropped the price to a ridiculous $19.95.

NOTE 2: Where are all the N scalers? As noted on the homepage I have lots of Rapido "Panorama" series cars looking for a good home.