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      Date: Jan  5, 2014
     Title: Train Control Systems
10% Off All Products

10% Off Sale



Train Control Systems is having a sale, giving dealers 10% off all products until January 10th. As a result I am doing the same. All products listed in the Online Store (over 150 products)  will be reduced by 10% for all orders received by midday on January 10th. This is not limited to in-stock items, in this case. For items not in the Store, just email the TCS SKU #s.

TCS produces the well-received "WOWSound" sound decoders, HO/N motor and function only decoders, harnesses, wire, connectors, LEDs and resistors. My regular discount is 17.5% on the whole line, so you are getting about 25% discount with this short-term offer. For my listing go here; for full product details go to their site.