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Aug 31, 2012

Quick Update

CMT/Specials/Free Shipping/Incentive Discount/Rapido
Posted by: Dave Cool
Hi Kids,

A number of former Canadian Model Trains clients have been asking about their pre-orders. I.e. can they pre-order products from me previously pre-ordered through CMT. Well, yes, provided that I can still order from the manufacturer, or will have spare stock. I suggest checking in the Online Store. If the product is still listed you may place a pre-order and I will do my best. Welcome aboard, by the way :-)

Regarding the online order specials mentioned in the last newsletter; they will expire September 14th. You may, of course, combine shipping with other orders, as usual.

Here's another deal - just until the end of the long week-end. Free shipping on any online order for in-stock mobile motor and/or sound decoders. They can be Digitrax, SoundTraxx or Train Control Systems. Just mention this with your order. I have lots in stock and will ship on Tuesday.

Due to increasing shipping costs, decreasing dealer discounts, etc. I have decided to do away with (at least for now) the Incentive Discount scheme. I can no longer afford to knock another 5% off my already very competitive prices. Don't panic, regulars, your accrued sales will be frozen at the end of this year and you will continue to get that discount level. So, I suggest a spending spree for those of you wishing to get to 5% before the end of the year. I believe this is the best way to handle the situation. Comments, please.

Replacing the above scheme for all new clients are the following options:

1. Pay the listed or quoted price if paying by Mastercard, Paypal or Visa.
2. Take 2% off the listed or quoted price if paying by cheque.
3. Take 3% off the listed or quoted price if paying by e-transfer or cash.

If ordering (online or offline) chose the option you prefer and I will assume that to be your preference for future orders and set up your discount level accordingly. Let's see how this all goes - comments are welcome, as usual.

Jason's just told me that the order desk is still open on the Rapido CP Rail wide-vision caboose (second release). So - after turning people away for a while (sigh) I have re-activated them in the Store.

Oh yes - its next week for "The Canadian" #210002. Remember - please send payment on receipt, please.

Have a great week-end,


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