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Jun 9, 2012

Quick Update

Brantford, Deals, Reefers, FP9As etc.
Posted by: Dave Cool

It was good to get out to the Brantford show last week-end. Sales were better than last year and quite reasonable for this late in the "season". That's it until Bracebridge, now.

I forgot to mention in Thursday's Newsletter that the shelves are stocked again and you are welcome to come and browse the "warehouse" by appointment. I'll give 5% discount off marked prices for all walk-in sales, or 8% if paid in cash.

The "Cost Plus 15%" deal mentioned in the last post ends tomorrow evening. I think two weeks is enough, considering I'm actually selling at near enough cost price, after my shipping and banking charges.

I'd like to dispose of the last remaining N scale locomotives and rolling stock. Although I've been giving cars away to loyal clients, I'd like to get something back on the locomotives. I'll send a list on request and you can make me an offer on any that you'd like.

Judging by Darren's sudden interest in my orders yesterday, True Line is about to ship the long, long awaited 8-hatch refrigerator cars. I may well be receiving the BCR, CP and PGE schemes next week. These were, of course, sold out (oversold, in fact) many months ago. I ordered significant spare, but these have mostly been grabbed up since and I probably won't have many left. Once I've shipped out your pre-orders I will load any stock into the Online Store. If you are interested I'd suggest checking back in the Store next week.

Meanwhile, next month may see the arrival of Rapido's first FP9A locomotives, in VIA colours. I have two units still unspoken for. If you'd like one, they are items 606-220020 and 606-220520. Talking of VIA there is one "The Canadian" still available, item 606-210006.

That's it for now, have a great week-end,


Dave Cool

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