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Jul 11, 2010

Blog, News, Taxes etc.

Blog, News, Taxes & Site Updates
Posted by: Dave Cool

Hi Kids,

No Blog Posts or News items - what's up?  Well, it appears that the software that supports this site was due for a significant update. Long story short, I was not able to access the site to make updates for a few weeks, until the new version was installed and activated. All is well now, as far as I know.

As of July 1st I started collecting the Harmonised Sales Tax for sales into British Columbia and Ontario. For BC clients this means the 12% HST instead of the previous 5% GST - sorry about that, folks. For Ontario clients there is no change - the 5% GST and 8% PST is replaced by the 13% HST. I will be updating the "Shipping & Returns" section of the Store to reflect these changes.

In the News section there was little of consequence to mention from Intermountain in June, but there will be a News item relating to the Athearn News of June 23rd - stay tuned.....

Well, it seems you know a good deal when you see one. The recent online sale resulted in most of my Atlas and Peco flex track and turnouts disappearing, along with most of my Digitrax and SoundTraxx decoders. Not that I made much profit at those prices. I'm slowly re-stocking. If you would like to come and browse the "warehouse" between now my leaving for the Bracebridge show (August 6th) I will knock 10% off all walk-in sales. Call or email for an appointment.

Digitrax has just started shipping the DN135D and DN135PS motor decoders, plus the SDN144K0A, SDN144K1E and SDN144PS sound decoders. See their home page for details. Now N-scalers can have a regular decoder for just over $16 and a sound decoder for just over $43. I will be placing them in the Store next week, but you can start emailing your orders now.

According to Atlas' site the HO GP40-2W is still on for August and might actually arrive about then. Keep your fingers crossed. If you haven't pre-ordered yours and would like to, let me know a.s.a.p. as they are probably sold out at the distributors and I will only have a few spare. (The N GP40 in CN and QGRY have come and almost gone). Similarly, the ES44AC from Intermountain is still down for July so it could be arriving very soon.

The exchange rate used in the Store is still 1.05.

Have a great week-end,



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