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Sep 3, 2013
New Books/Deadlines etc.

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Welcome to Canadian Express Line

Canadian Express Line sells model railway products and supplies in two of the major scales modelled today, HO and N. In addition, we supply multi-scale items such as digital command control (DCC) equipment, some electrical components, scenery products, paints, glues, materials and scratch-building supplies, tools, books (boy, do we have books!). In total we have some 85 to 90 product lines that we sell for substantially less than the MSRP.

In the online store you will find the above items catalogued, together with brief details, pictures where possible and the current prices. You may browse the catalogue at your leisure or search for particular items. The catalogue may be sorted by item number, name or manufacturer. It will continue to grow for a while yet, so check back often. You may either purchase those items that are currently in stock, backorder out-of-stock items, or pre-order forthcoming limited-run products to ensure that you don’t miss out on them.

The latest news will be highlighted on the home page with links for further information. Many of these products will be incorporated into the store for pre-order as soon as details are available. We suggest that you subscribe to our regular newsletter in order to get a resume of all the month's news, right in your inbox. (Check out the archive of previous newsletters available from the home page, once available.) For even faster service, sign up for the RSS news and blog feeds, allowing you to get immediate notification of news "as it happens", plus the inside track on special limited-time sales events.

Meanwhile, next time you visit a model railway show in southern/eastern Ontario, or the Montreal area, be sure to look out for the Canadian Express Line booth. Come and give us your opinion of the web site – we’d like to hear your thoughts.

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